Housing System

Module systems for light, flexible buildings in rough conditions

LUNO House is a module house consisting of glass fibre reinforced sandwich panels with good insulation put together with specially designed aluminium profiles. The advantage of LUNO house is the exceptional durability, the high strength and very easy to assemble.
The house is mounted on base plates, which are adjustable from the inside of the house. Normally no prior preparation of the ground is necessary. LUNO House can be used in emergency areas i.e. camps, hospitals, school buildings etc. With LUNO House the hygiene and comfort is essentially improved and offers a dignified standard of living. The house has a low weight and is designed in such a way that it is easily shipped in containers or on flight pallets. Each house is built with floor- and ceiling panels of 2 x 2 m and wall panels with 2 x 2,3 m. The metals and plastic are re-usable.

Why LUNO House:

• Excellent insulation.

• The low weight makes transportation easier to areas difficult to reach.

• The units are fast to assemble. 4-6 hours for skilled personnel

Specification of a standard house – Technical information
• Area 26 square metre.
• Weight Around 1000 kg.
• Modules Each house is built of 6 floor panels, 6 ceiling panels and
10 wall panels (including 1 door and 2 opening windows).
• Roof The roof is made of two layers flame resistant PVC and is
• Generally light grey.