The FPB-60 EHS is based on the ASV (Air Supported Vessel) concept which
TBS Yard AB cooperates with Effect Ship International AS.

FPB-60 EHS is designed utilizing the TBS Yard AB ACM (Advanced Composite
Material) technology.

FPB-60 EHS is designed to carry a variety of weapon payloads for different

FPB-60 EHS is quasi a catamaran. The wide spread between the buoyancy
bodies (propulsion gondolas), set wide apart make the vessel very roll stable
at all speeds; even a rest, and both when on and off the air cushion. Pitch
motion is reduced and dampened due to the special bulbous bow / hull
configuration. The air cushion damping is evident in most speeds/wave
heights & directions. Same with high speed slamming impacts. Large
size/length matters positively.

FPB-60 EHS may be operated successfully both on and off air cushion.

Hull Length: 60 m
Breadth hull: 13 m
Breadth over all: 13.8 m
Draught: 2 m / 1.1 m (off cushion / on cushion)
Crew: 30 – 50 depending on mission / scenario)
Aft deck area: 270 sqm
Service speed: 42 kts.
Sprint speed: 60 kts.
Propulsion: 2 x Rolls Royce Water-jet
Gas turbines: 4 x Rolls Royce