Water cutting

TBS Yard AB owns a NC 40150 D, one of the world’s largest water jet cutting systems, designed to cut 360 degree constructions and produce vital components for marine, air force, transportation, energy and Telecom industry.

Water jet cutting is especially suitable for composites and sandwich constructions, since there are no thermal influence on the material. It is an environmentally friendly cutting technology with no dangerous gases or toxic waste. Just water and sand.

TBS Yard AB also performs sub-contractor water cutting, please contact us for an offer.

NC 40150 D Technical Data:

  • Table area: 4 200 x 15 500 mm
  • Cutting area 2D: 3 980 x 15 100 mm
  • Cutting area 3D: 3 190 x 15 100 mm
  • Armament: Multi-head, 1 x 2D, 1 x 3D Bevejet 60
  • Maximum thickness: 170 mm
  • Cutting pressure: 4000 bar