TBS Yard launches its new vessel FPB-60 EHS


The FPB-60 EHS is based on the ASV (Air Supported Vessel) concept which TBS Yard AB cooperates with Effect Ship International AS. FPB-60 EHS is designed utilizing the TBS Yard AB ACM (Advanced Composite Material) technology. FPB-60 EHS is designed to carry a variety of weapon payloads for different missions/scenarios. FPB-60 EHS is quasi a […]

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First CARBCAT® 39 Ferry Launched


On the 27th of December 2013 the first CARBCAT® 39 carbon fibre ferry designed by TBS Yard AB was launched at Özata Shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey. This is the first ferry in a series of 15 ordered by the municipality of Izmir for it´s public transportation.

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