Water Jet Sweden and TBS Yard sign historic machine order

Water Jet Sweden and TBS Yard sign historic machine order for one of the world’slargest water
jet cutting system within high performance advanced cutting.

TBS Yard AB was founded in 2011 and is now in its accelerating phase of expansion,
backed up by both experience and capital from Kamprads and Almi Invest. TBS Yard
specialize in the composite construction, lice carbon and fibreglass laminates. The key
investment is one of the world’s largest water jet cutting systems, designed to cut 360
degree constructions and produce vital components for marine, air force, transportation
and Telecom industry.

  • Our market offer includes design, composition of material structure, production and
    technological consultingservices. The present order volumes is found primarily within
    marine applications, says Lars Tedehammar, CEO at TBS Yard.

TBS Yard is situated in Torsås in South East part of Sweden, a geographical area where
you find extensive experience in composites for large vessels and also where Ronneby
is situated, perceived as the water jet Mecca, around the world.

Water jet cutting is especially suitable for composites and sandwich constructions,
since there are no thermal influence on the material. It is an environmentally friendly
cutting technology with no dangerous gases or toxic waste. Just water and sand.

  • We have been cooperating around this order for the last two years, says Peter Rüden,
    Sales Manager at Water Jet Sweden. The machine is armed with the latest 3D cutting
    technology, Beveljet 60, and function tools specific to the customer’s needs, continues Peter.

I is the 3rd largest machine order in Water Jet Sweden’s 20 year history. A 4 x 15 meter
water jet cutting system, giving TBS Yard close to 70 square meters of cutting area for
various sizes of components.

For further Information please contact:tbs_wjs_2
Lars Tedehammar, TBS Yard
+46-70-107 43 90

Lennart Svensson
CEO Water Jet Sweden AB
+46 457-455 456

Peter Rüden
Sales Manager Scandinavia
+46 457-455 460

Water Jet Sweden AB
Water Jet Sweden AB, with head office in Ronneby, Sweden, has over 30 years’ experience
in the water jet cutting industry, and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of water
jet cutting systems. Water Jet Sweden focus on high quality and performance machines.
With retailers in close to 20 countries the company has sold over 650 all over
the world since the start, 1993.


TBS Yard was founded in 2011 and is established in Torsås, Sweden. TBS Yard is a
Swedish company envisioning international expansion within a very dynamic field of
technology. The management represents long-standing experience within application of
composites within shipbuilding and has an extensive international network comprising
both industrial players and research institutions. Entreprenörinvest and Almi Invest are
by October 2013 investors and co-owners.