New, unique ASV solution may reduce hull resistance by 40 percent!

Thanks to an extensive partner network, TBS Yard can frequently introduce cutting edge innovations as part of its customer solutions. This option quite often implies a fresh approach to “classical” problems and customer rewards in terms of cost-efficiency and function. One representative example is the unique, patented ASV (Air Supported Vessel) function developed by our Norwegian partner Effect Ship International AS (ESI).

By reducing the total wetted surface of the vessel (and subsequently hull/water friction) the performance level, working milieu and energy-efficiency of a vessel can be increased considerably. There is an attractive set of further benefits as well…

How it works
Pressurized air from the ventilation system is directed into an air chamber, which is actually a cavity running along the keel. The artificial air cushion thus formed in the chamber will (at full pressure) carry as much as 80 percent of the vessels weight, thereby reducing hull resistance by up to 40 percent. No rubber skirts are needed, and the entire concept is a typical example of “evolution by simplicity”.

Speed, range, space and safety!
The effects upon operational economy, environment, range/fuel ratio and maximum speed are obvious, powerful and highly measurable. In many cases, reduced hull drag also means that the desired performance level of the vessel can be obtained with a less powerful engine / drive-line and reduced weight.

There are other benefits as well. With its typically wider beam, an ASV Mono offers increased deck area and an abundance of exploitable volume on the inside of the hull. The ASV solution also means reduced pitch and roll in rough waters and reduced wake wash in harbours, channels and other sensitive areas.

A wide range of applications
ASV technology is perfect for a wide range of fast and medium speed vessel applications and sizes – e.g. commercial ferries, offshore support/crew vessels, navy crafts, patrol vessel and even yachts – with a length from 15 to 100 metres or more. The total combination of benefits is specific for each vessel and for the duty is has to perform. With these factors specified, we will no doubt be able to offer our customers realistic (and very encouraging) indications.